Josh and Hannah Herum are St. Louis based artists, worshippers and missionaries. They’ve been married for two years and live in the downtown area. 


Josh is a photographer and filmmaker, passionate about art and culture-making. Hannah is a musician and writer and works with underprivileged youth in the city, giving them access to music and music lessons. They run a weekly street outreach ministry downtown focusing on the homeless and addicted. Though they have spent years serving overseas.


Josh served with YWAM for four years in Germany, India, and China and has been to over 20 countries for the sake of the Gospel. Hannah has led short-term mission teams in Belize and Haiti for four summers and has served at safe-homes in India and Africa. They are both worship leaders and dynamic communicators who been led worship and spoke in various conference and local churches. 


Josh and Hannah are passionate about God’s presence invading their city and nation. They are thrilled to be a part of the amazing leadership of Kingdom Church.