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Image by Pranav Kumar Jain

The perfect place for future world changers!

We love our Kingdom Kids! We are dedicated to teaching our little ones about God, the bible, and the truth about themselves and the world they live in. It's important that kids can have fun in church so we have an exciting environment just for them to be themselves and encounter Holy Spirit! 

We can't wait to meet your kids and family.

The Kingdom Kids Team is here to serve you and ensure that you, and your child have a safe and great experience. When you arrive in the Kingdom Kids area you will be greeted by our amazing welcome team, your child will be checked in and guided to a space just for them.

What to expect at
Kingdom Kids.

You can expect wild worship, engaging lessons, and teachers committed to bringing up the next generation of world changers!

Safety is very important to us. 

Safety is a top priority. All staff and volunteers go through interviews, background checks, and training before working with Kingdom Kids.

We're connecting kids
to God's presence.

There is no Jr. Holy Spirit! We are committed to bringing kids into an encounter with God. We teach children of every age about God, the Bible and the truth about themselves and the world where they live.

Everything you need to know about check-in. 

Kingdom Kids happens during our Saturday Service. Check-in opens 15 minutes prior to service (5:45pm). Check-in closes 10 minutes after service begins (6:10pm). Please note that families arriving 10 minutes after service has begun will not be permitted to check in their child into Kingdom Kids. This helps ensure security and safety for our Kids area, and allows uninterrupted worship and lessons.

Space is limited so that we have a proper child to adult ratio, so be sure to show up early!

Current Kingdom Kids ages are 0-5years.


Kids of all ages are allowed in our adult services. 

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