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Ryan + April Hart

Ryan and April's relationship started when they were only twelve years old. They grew up together and dated through their high-school and college years and were married in 2011. They love spending their time with family, close friends, and traveling.


Ryan and April are driven by a core value for the presence of God and their lives and ministry bear this fruit. They believe in the local church and that every believer has an active role in the Great Commission. 

Prior to planting Kingdom Church, Ryan spent many years serving in various pastoral roles within the local church as well as traveling the United States as a frequent guest minister at conferences, youth camps, and in churches. 

Ryan's ministry is marked with biblical teaching accompanied by times of impartation, Spirit baptisms, and healings. Ryan and April are both passionate about revival and seeing people experience joy and fire through encounters with the Holy Spirit. 

Ryan and April’s heart for St. Louis is that the city will be known by the scripture “On earth as it is in Heaven.” They and our Kingdom Church family have taken on this theme for life and ministry where demonstrations of the Spirit's power are normal.



If you would like to learn more about Ryan's itinerate ministry visit: 

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